Promoting Tri-Ripped is incredibly easy, and only involves two simple steps:

Step 1:

If you are not already a Clickbank member, click here to sign-up for a free Clickbank account, and create your user ID in Clickbank.

Step 2:

Simply use the links below to send people to the Tri-Ripped product. Either link you use (hard copy or digital) will send people to the same page, where they can choose to purchase the hard copy or digital version, and the purchase is tracked back to you either way.

Remember to replace the words CLICKBANKID in the links below with your actual Clickbank ID (i.e. if your Clickbank ID is “johndoe”, you would replace the word “CLICKBANKID” with the word “johndoe”)

Tri-Ripped Hard Copy Version:

Tri-Ripped Digital Version:

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