Top Three Secrets To Getting An Impressive Chest (Part 5)

A better chest is something every guy and girl will want to have. After all, having it will enable one to look extremely good in a business suit or a swimsuit. But as you probably already know, having a better chest doesn’t only mean you’ll be able to look good in whatever attire you’d like to don.

A better chest also means overall upper body strength. This is because the muscles that comprise this part of your body are the ones that are put to work when you flex your upper arm bone, such as when you’d go swimming. These are the very ones that are in-charge of the agile inward motion of the arms too, such as when you’re holding and steering your bike. And lastly, these are the exact muscle groups that work overtime when you rotate your arm bone towards your body, such as when you’re running or doing deep breathing during intense exertion.

These actions are a part of daily life which is why it’s just smart to want to get a better chest. And this is regardless of whether or not you’re an endurance sport enthusiast, a professional power lifter, or an aesthetics buff who’d just like to look good in whatever it is you’d like to wear.

Follow these 3 methods and you should be able to achieve, not just well-toned pecs, but powerful performance overall too.

1) Work Your Chest From All Angles.

Bench press and push-ups, unfortunately, won’t be enough to achieve well-defined pecs. Presses with your hands or feet elevated, as well as routines done on an incline bench, should be done along with your usual bench press and push-ups, as the former will ensure all the angles of your chest are worked out.   

To ensure a well-rounded chest exercise, ensure that you incorporate incline, decline, as well a handful or push-ups or flat chest pressing routines every week. And to make sure you don’t end up getting bored with your workout, add some variety by doing incline bench press, decline push-ups, as well as dumbbell chest press too.

2) Fly.

Inner pec muscles are quite hard to reach and develop but not if you do flies. Also, flies have a ton of variations, so if you’re the type who easily gets bored from doing the same exercise over and over, then you needn’t worry at all. You can choose from flat and decline dumbbell flies, machine chest flies, as well as standing and seated cable flies. Just remember not to perform flies that are way beyond what’s comfortable for you as you can easily damage your shoulders if you force the moves or end up doing them incorrectly.

3) Improve Those Postural Muscles.

No matter how closely you work out, you’ll still end up with a sloppy looking chest if you’ve got hunched shoulders. To avoid this, make sure you perform shoulder posture routines such as pull-ups and pull-downs, dumbbell and seated rows, as well as single arm cable exercises.

Of course, you should make sure to avoid letting your shoulders as well as your neck droop. Assume this posture all the time and you’re really bound to end up with a sagging chest.

Gynecomastia, or more commonly referred to as “man boobs” is worth mentioning as well. It’s the condition characterized by unusually large chests in men. If you’re a guy and for some reason you find your chest abnormally big no matter how committed you are to your chest workout, then you might want to consider these recommendations:

1. Opt to see a hormone specialist. You can always consult with an endocrinologist, or if you’re more into alternative medicine, then a naturopathic physician. Hormonal imbalances due to systemic issues or reaction to pharmaceutical drugs might be causing the increase in the size of your mammary glands. Have the condition correctly diagnosed and addressed and it should help prevent the problem.

2. Don compression garments too. Items of clothing such as supportive t-shirts should be worn as often as you practically can as doing so can help boost your appearance as well as provide you with the utmost comfort when you’re doing chest workouts.

3. Diet is a crucial factor that needs to be taken care of too. This is because excess fat sometimes end up getting stored in specific areas of the body. And if your chest just happens to be your trouble spot, then any caloric surplus might just end up getting stored there. Consider limiting or altogether avoiding sugars, alcohol, and manufactured foods, particularly those that are rich in vegetable oils and processed fats.


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