Get A Flat Stomach – How To Get It Safely And Effectively (Part 3)

It’s safe to say that getting and maintaining a flat stomach is everyone’s topmost fitness goal. And this isn’t only because a flat stomach is a symbol of health, beauty as well as virility, but because it signals an overall powerful body too.

Folks who’ve been working to get flat stomachs have resorted to taking the recommendations found online. However, most of these aren’t sustainable ways to get a flat stomach. Some of them even verge on the dangerous.

But worry not as everything you’ve ever wanted and needed to know is right here, and that is, achieving a long craved for flat stomach safely and efficiently, and without the aid whatsoever of liposuction.

The abdomen muscle groups

Contrary to what folks believe, underneath those six-pack abs you see on most fit people aren’t soda-can-looking muscles that fill up as their stomachs get fatter, or empty as these get fitter.

Underneath the stomach are actually four different groups of muscles which are:

  1. The rectus abdominis: This group of muscle fibers form into one big sheet that originates from the breastbone and runs all the way down to the pelvis.
  2. The external obliques: The external obliques are a group of muscle tissues which can be found covering the outermost surfaces of the ribs, and extending downwards to the hips.
  3. The internal obliques: The internal obliques are muscle fibers that are found in the area immediately below the ribs. This muscle group runs from the side of the body and meets in the middle of the abdomen.
  4. The transverses abdominis: The transverses abdominis are sheets of muscle fibers that are located deep within the abs, exactly underneath the external and internal obliques.

To get that flat stomach and perfectly sculpted abs, you’ll need to undertake a training program that will develop all aforementioned muscle groups – not just one or a couple of them. Unfortunately, this is what most folks neglect. Most will go through rigorous exercise regimens that target only a specific muscle group in isolation.

Bear in mind that the muscles function as a whole. Isolate parts of it and exercise them in the hopes of getting them toned or ripped just won’t do. The key here is to tone and strengthen all the muscles surrounding whichever it is you deem your “trouble spot” is. With multi-muscle exercise routines, you’ll not only have a more defined physique, but a powerful one too.

All this talk about multi-muscle exercise perhaps made it all the more complicated for you. So enough with the preliminaries and let’s get right to how exactly an effective flat stomach exercise should be.

Flat Stomach Exercise Specifics

If you’d like to get ripped abs, you should commit to working your stomach muscles at least every 2-3 days. You can readily choose from a weight training or cardio workout, but just ensure that whatever you select will incorporate regular abdominal exercises. These should of course consist of an exercise regimen for each of the above mentioned abdominal muscle groups, as well as a routine to strengthen the lower back.

To help you out in choosing routines, consider these:

For your rectus abdominis

The rectus abdominis can best be developed using flexing motions that target the areas around the spine. These are crunches and their variations, sit-ups as well as their variations, V-ups and knee-ups, and hanging leg-raises too. Front planks are worth considering when working out this muscle group as well.

For your external and internal obliques

Exercise routines that twist and rotate your upper body are ideal because these tone and strengthen the muscle tissues of the external and internal obliques. Twist or rotate to your right, and that’ll work your right external and internal obliques. Perform the same but move towards the left, and said muscle groups on this side of your body will be worked out too. Specific routines you should include in your regimen are the Woodchopper exercise, Russian as well as Cable Torso Twists.

For your transverses abdominis

You’ll perhaps find the transverses abdominis a little more challenging to work out since it’s well underneath the abdomen, which means it doesn’t easily get affected by motion. Bear in mind though that the primary function of this muscle group is to provide a solid support for the entire abdominal cavity. This said, when you suck in your stomach, then that’s when the transverses abdominis gets to work.

You can tone and strengthen this muscle group by constantly sucking in and out your stomach. And the best thing about this is that you’ll get to do this wherever you are, whether you’re in your car or queuing for the grocery cashier. But that isn’t all as you can effectively develop this muscle group by regularly integrating front planks during your workout too.

For your low back muscles

Low back muscles are best developed using simple gym equipment that will enable you to perform low back extensions. Of course, if you don’t have this contraption or you don’t frequent a gym, then you can always just do your back extension routines utilizing your trusty stability ball. Another option that doesn’t require any implements at all would be to lie on your stomach while slowly bringing up all four of your limbs.

Whichever routines you choose, just bear in mind that an effective flat stomach workout would be one that consists of a handful of sets of flexing, twisting, planking, as well as extending exercises.

Zap That Stomach Fat

Sure, you’ve fully committed to working out your stomach. But this isn’t the only crucial thing you’ll need to ensure. You must also see to it that those layers of unsightly stomach fat are rid of so that these don’t end up covering the abdominal muscles that you’ve developed. These 3 tips should help you out in this department:

1. Well-rounded exercise regimen

A multi-muscle exercise regimen should always include these 3 Pillars of Exercise:

  • Weight training
  • High-intensity cardio intervals
  • Aerobic fat-burning routines

Bear in mind that all three modes should be integrated in your training regimen. Utilize just one and you’ll surely have a hard time zapping your unsightly stomach flab.

2. Lots of rest and none of the stress

By far, the cheapest and least exerting method of helping your body get in shape would be to take lots of rest. Reducing stress works the same wonders too. Always remember that inflammation can cause your stomach to get bloated. But you won’t have to worry about this if you rest sufficiently and steer clear of stress as these will give your body the time to heal.

3. Steer clear of notorious belly fat triggers

If you’d like to significantly reduce stomach fat in as little as 2 weeks, then consider regulating or altogether eliminating the 3 belly fat triggers namely processed and packaged foods, alcohol, and of course, high-sugar and/or starchy foods including wheat.

Commit to these guidelines and you should be well on your way, not just to a flat stomach, but to an overall powerful abs that’s without the slightest hint of unsightly flab.


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