Tri-Ripped Launch Calendar

Use this calendar as your timeline to know exactly when to promote, when to send out which articles, which dates Tri-Ripped goes live, and any special, limited-offer promotions that are included after the launch.

December 15, 2011Click here to grab your Clickbank links and start promoting! Remember – as outlined in the official Tri-Ripped Affiliate Launch Document, if you send us 1000 or more hops during the launch period you will receive an additional cash prize just for the referrals (regardless of how many sales you make).

-10,000+ hops: $1000 cash prize

-5,000+ hops: $500 cash prize

-2,500+ hops: $250 cash prize

-1,000+ hops: $100 cash prize

December 15, 2011 – January 4, 2012 – Over your own sequence of time, on your blog, newsletter, website or other promotional materials, send out the Tri-Ripped articles, tweets and Facebook posts provided here.

January 4, 2012 – Tri-Ripped sales video goes live. On the current opt-in page, a sales video with Ben Greenfield will be added above the opt-in form. In this video, Ben explains exactly what is included with Tri-Ripped, and reminds the viewer about the January 11 live seminar, the January 12 launch date, and the 24 hour fast-action bonus.

January 4, 2012 – Seven day countdown to live January 11, 6pm PST Tri-Ripped Q&A at UStream with Ben Greenfield. In the seven days prior to this event, remind your list several times via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, etc. to join Ben Greenfield to ask questions about the Tri-Ripped triathlon training program and learn how to swim, bike and run lightning fast, and have the ultimate triathlon body! Send your list to this event link:

January 5 – January 11, 2012 – Over this seven day period, release the Tri-Ripped sales letters you will find here.

January 11, 2012 – 6pm PST, LIVE Tri-Ripped webinar Ustream Q&A with Ben Greenfield. This live workshop will build trust in your audience and get them ready to purchase just 3 hours before the product goes live. Send your list to this event link:

January 12, 2012, midnight – Tri-Ripped goes LIVE (that is one minute after 11:59 pm on January 11)! On this day, get the word out to as much traffic as possible, because the top three affiliates who make the most sales during the product launch will be awarded higher commission payouts.*

-1st place (highest gross sales): 75% commission payout and as an extra bonus, a Kindle Fire

-2nd place: 70% commission payout

-3rd place: 60% commission payout

*ALL affiliates who make at least 1 sale will get entered into a random drawing to win a new Kindle Fire.

IMPORTANT: As a bonus, ANYONE who purchases Tri-Ripped in the first 24 hours after it goes live (by January 13 at midnight) will automatically get a Tri-Riped Fast-Action bonus*.

*Tri-Ripped Fast-Action bonus: Free 1 year access to the BenGreenfieldFitness Inner Circle – where you’ll get access to live video workshops and seminars, secret, never-before-seen BenGreenfieldFitness articles, videos and audios, monthly healthy lifestyle bonus material from Ben and his wife Jessa, and 24-7 access to the Inner Circle forum.

January 13, 2012, midnight: Fast-action bonus ends, but you keep on getting paid for sending traffic. Remember…

-If a customer buys the digital product (basic edition) along with the coaching upsell, the total affiliate payout will be $134.97 for the initial sale, and $90.61 every month after that.

-If a customer buys the shippable product (deluxe edition) along with the coaching upsell, the total affiliate payout will be $181.22 for the initial sale, and $90.61 every month after that.

This is your biggest money-making opportunity of 2012! E-mail with any questions you have, and start promoting.